Add Continuous Planning to your CD 3.0 pipeline

A Continuous Planning platform supports the development and management of an Agile portfolio. It consists of an Agile portfolio that is continuously managed and visualized to stakeholders. In this post we show the setup of Redmine as open source alternative for Jira. Redmine is completely free and flexible with many plugins.

Redmine is part of our Continuous Delivery 3.0 platform that supports the complete Agile software development lifecycle, from concept to cash. The platform enables delivery of features from design to released to production in minutes. The video below presents the full platform, zooms in on Continuous Planning and then the tool Redmine.





As mentioned in the video Redmine runs on an Ubuntu 17.04 platform with Ruby, mysql, Passenger and Nginx. The installation procedure:
1. Ubuntu 17.04 VM with 1 CPU. Port 8080 and dependency installation
2. Install Ruby and configure MySQL
3. Install Phusion Passenger and Nginx
4. Contigure Nginx
5. Install Redmine and run Redmin
6. Install and run Redhopper plugin
7. Install and run Redmine Agile plugin
8. Demonstrate the final result

After performing the complete procedure Redmine runs on the VM and is accessible via the url., as shown in the video below.


Below you find the video series of the detailed installation and configuration. The video's are intended for reference as we have the detailed installation script available.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive the script or would like to receive  more information regarding our Continuous Delivery 3.0 platform.



Step 1: Google Cloud, Ubuntu 17.04 and Dependency installation

Step 2: Install Ruby and configure MySQL


Step 3: Install Phusion Passenger and Nginx (boring)

Step 4: Contigure Nginx


Step 5: Install and run Redmine

The completes the installation of Redmine.

As bonus we also install the two plugins to add Agile features.


Step 6: Install and run Redhopper plugin

Step 7: Install and run Redmine Agile plugin