Top tips & tricks to prepare yourself for GDPR


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective in the European Union. Here are the top-8 tips to prepare your software company for GDPR:

  1. Raise Awareness: Make it your responsibility to raise awareness internally within your peer groups, company, and board-level associates.
  2. Identify what data the company retains: Document what personal data is stored. Identify where it came from, the reasons why it is stored, and create a yes/no checklist as to whether it is necessary to store it.
  3. Remove any unused personal data that is no longer required for regulatory or historical reasons, on all software systems and databases.
  4. Create a GDPR-responsibility-framework: Create an organizational chart showing which role, or third party where applicable, is responsible for each element of GDPR.
  5. Update security data policies and procedures: One of the most important aspects of GDPR is that policies and procedures must be easily accessible and must also be easy to understand.
  6. Make sure that GDPR becomes part of way of working of every person: GDPR should be a normal part of the daily working life, just as getting up and going to the office.
  7. Prepare for a data breach: The fines for a data breach are huge—up to 20 million euro or four percent of global turnover of the company.
  8. Know the rights that people have and prepare to be challenged: The company owner and board is responsible for demonstrating why data storage and processing is needed and ensuring its integrity.

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